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PSQG has the Zoomies!

As we segway into summer… (it’s July already!) and after a three month hiatus, the PSQG Guild meetings are back! All current members will receive two meeting invitations every month-one for the evening meeting, one for the morning meeting. Come to one, come to both!

We held our first Zoom meetings in June and they were great successes! A good time was had by all. We didn’t have a speaker, but we got to see each other and have Show & Tell. A lot of people logged into the meeting early to chit-chat, just like we do at the in-person meetings. (And some of us stayed late for more chit-chat!) There were a few technical glitches with members not receiving invitations-those will be resolved by the July meeting.

July meeting, you say? We don’t have July meetings. True, we usually have our Quilts of Valor presentation and an ice cream social. This year… well… discretion is the better part of Valor. The Board elected to stay safe and healthy, and cancel the QOV presentation this year.

BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE!!!  We are having a meeting this July!! You supply your own cake and ice cream and the Guild will supply the speaker!

Joining us this month is Timna Tarr!

Timna Tarr’s creations are “about color and small compositions. Each block in a quilt is made as its own element, independent of the other blocks. After all of the blocks are constructed, my goal is to arrange the small compositions to play off each other and work together to create a larger whole. What keeps me engaged is watching how the project changes and transforms with the addition of each color and texture.

The resulting quilts are contemporary works, set in this time and place, which reference the rich tradition of quilt making.”

Members will receive a link to her YouTube channel so we can watch her trunk show. We also have the opportunity to participate in the workshops available on her workshop website. Sign up any time! Cost is $35

Don’t forget to visit her personal website either! and pop into the Gallery. Lady Teela, of Amherst, is my favorite! She reminds me of my sister’s greyhounds!

Stay cool and collected this summer! We’ll see you soon!!

P.S. – Did you know? The Segway ceases production on July 15, 2020.

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