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Opportunity Quilt

2022 Opportunity Quilt

For the 2022 quilt, we are asking members to make the Dandy block. This block is the Border Creek Station Stash Buster block for 2021. They have kindly agreed to allow us to link to their page, so we can give our members their easy to follow instructions on how to make the block. Click here for information on the Border Creek Station Stash Buster for 2021. For those of you interested, there is also an active Facebook group that works on the stash buster challenge!


The DANDY BLOCK: Click here for detailed instructions on how to make the Dandy block. (Please follow the arrows for the pressing direction. It will make assembly much easier1)

Specifics for what we want for the Opportunity Quilt:

  • BLOCK SIZE: The quilt will be made up of NINE INCH BLOCKS (9.5 unfinished) (make sure you follow in the instructions for the nine inch block, not the six inch block!)
  • We would ask those helping to make blocks to make one in the MAIN BLOCK layout and one in the ALTERNATE BLOCK layout. The layout we are planning to do needs half of the blocks to be main blocks and half to be alternate blocks.
  • We are hoping to get a total of 90 blocks (45 Main Blocks and 45 Alternate Blocks) by April 1st, so that the quilt can be finished by this summer. Blocks can be mailed to Aileen Vogel. Her address is in the PSQG Directory. We will also try to schedule some drop-off dates, where you can meet us somewhere and put them in our car trunk. Any questions, please contact us at
  • All fabrics should be prewashed for these blocks. We do not want the quilt to bleed or shrink unevenly.



3-in-1 Color Tool: If you have the 3-in-1 Color Tool, click here to see the numbers that correspond to this palette.

Coming Soon: Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

  • COLOR PALETTE: Our color palette is going to be ‘Protea’ (see above). Think about color placement and contrast when placing the colors. We want the stars to show up!
  • NEUTRAL FABRICS: Please keep the neutral fabrics in the white/off-white/cream range. We don’t want tans and light browns.
  • PREWASHING: Please prewash your fabrics! We don’t want these to bleed or shrink unevenly.
  • PRINTS and FABRIC CHOICES: We are hoping you will all be able to shop your stash to make these blocks. We are less concerned about what style your fabric is (batik, civil war, modern, etc). We just ask you to keep the colors in the posted palette. Solids and prints are both okay. However, we would ask that you keep the prints on the neutral fabrics very low volume. Prints should generally be small and blend well with the overall fabric. If you stand 10 feet from the block, does the fabric read as one of the colors in the palette? Is the star clearly defined?
  • CONTRAST: We want the stars to show up. Please keep contrast and value in mind when selecting fabrics.

Any questions, please contact us at

2020 Opportunity Quilt

2020 Opportunity Quilt, Ruby Rhapsody, was won by Marcia C., a member of the Prairie Star Quilt Guild! Congratulations!

Ruby Rhapsody was pieced by members of the Prairie Star Quilt Guild and quilted by Shawn Greenough of Winberie Quilting.

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