Prairie Star Quilt Guild

Challenge Quilts

Submit your photos of your Challenge Quilt for our 2020 show by September 13, 2020.

Forgotten what the rules were? Here is a list of the rules for this years Challenge Quilts!

Name the files with “your last name_first initial_name of the quilt_number”. 1 for the front of the quilt, 2 for the closeups (a,b,c for extras), and 3 for the back. We would like JPG files under 10MB. If that is all a foreign language to you, please contact us for help or ask a friend. Please limit yourself to 5 pictures at most.

For example, if Mary Murphy had a quilt in the 2018 show called “Smile at the Rain”, here is how she would have named those files:

  • Murphy_M_Smileattherain_1.jpg — the front of the quilt
  • Murphy_M_Smileattherain_2.jpg — closeup of the quilting
  • Murphy_M_Smileattherain_2a.jpg — closeup of a special block (optional)
  • Murphy_M_Smileattherain_3.jpg — the back of the quilt showing more of the quilting