Prairie Star Quilt Guild

Pillowcases for Charity

PSQG Pillowcase Instructions

Start with 2 pieces of fabric – Pillowcase Band 9” x WOF and Pillowcase Body 27” x WOF. 

Note: If your pieces are not quite this size you can make one smaller by enlarging the other. 

❏ Trim off selvedges and fold the Band in half lengthwise and press.

❏ Unfold the Pillowcase Band and lay with the right side facing up.

❏ Lay the Pillowcase Body wrong side up so that the Pillowcase Band and Pillowcase Body are right sides together. Pin or Clip the raw edges together.

❏ Roll up the Pillowcase body so it’s narrower than the creased midline in the Pillowcase Band.

❏ Pull the bottom of the Pillowcase Band up to meet the top of the Pillowcase Band.

❏ Your Pillowcase Body will be inside the Pillowcase Band.  Pin or Clip the raw edges together.

❏ Sew along the edge of the Pillowcase Band with a 3/8” seam allowance. 

❏ This is the MAGIC ! Reach inside the tube and begin pulling out the Pillowcase Body. You’ll need to wiggle it through a bit. Keep wiggling until it’s all out! The Pillowcase Body will pull the Pillowcase Band inside out exposing all the goodies!

❏ Lightly press so it all lays flat. Put the wrong sides together. Carefully match up your corners and seams. Pin or Clip the raw edges.

❏ Sew the wrong side together using a 1/4” Seam allowance down the long end and the bottom short edge. 

❏ Turn the pillowcase wrong side out with the right side together. Press along edge and secure with pins or clips. 

❏ Sew right side together using a 3/8” Seam allowance down the long end and the bottom short edge. 

❏ Turn Pillowcase right side out.  Your Pillowcase is complete! 

❏ Please return to The Community Service Projects Table at the next Guild Meeting.

Thank you!