Library Search Tips

  1. The PSQG library booklist is displayed under the label “Your Books”.  This is the place to begin a search.
  2.  Search words are entered in the “Search the Library” box.  Do not use “Search Site”.
  3.  Author, Title, or Subject (Tags) searches can be done.
  4.  An author’s last name will bring up any titles by her/him included in the guild library.
  5.  One key word from a title may be enough to generate search information.
  6.  Subject (Tags) is a third category available for obtaining search results.  Included in the tag for each book is a color code.  The meaning of the color codes is in the list below.
  7.  Use the “back arrow” to return to the original booklist.


Tag Color Codes
Blue – Dating Quilts/ Historical Quilts
Red – Fiction
Green – Quilting, Green H – Hand, Green M – Machine
Neon Green – Seasonal, Holiday, Baby, Children
Patchwork – Orange
Blocks – Orange B
Quilts – Orange Q
Techniques – Yellow
Applique – Yellow A, Wool Applique – Yellow W
Design – Yellow D
Embellishment/Art – Yellow EA
Paper/Foundation – Yellow P/F

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