Our Education Committee works hard to find information about the latest tips, tricks and techniques that is of interest to our membership. We set up a table at both Chapter Meetings, so please stop by and take a look at what we have to show, and please let us know if there’s something special you’d like to learn about! If instructions are available, you can usually find them here also…

For 2014/2015
At the June meeting Cindy Krelle informed us how to prepare our backings for our quilts before quilting our beautiful quilts.

July was our picnic and the Education Committee took a vacation for the month of July.

August  Edith Hubbard will tell you about labels for your quilts. There are so many types of labels, fancy labels, informative labels, and just plain labels. Should you put your labels on the back of the quilt before you quilt the quilt or after? Here’s an informational Guide

September Ginny Wright will give us information for the hanging sleeves for our quilts for the Quilt Show. The information is also under Quilt Show information.

October Barbara Stewart will show you a way that you can connect the ends of you binding on your quilt without sewing it.

November Edith Hubbard will have a pattern for a heart shaped needle keep just in time to make for Holiday gifts for you stitching friends.

December Time for Christmas vacation there is no Guild meeting for December.

January We learned how to make a portable design wall, and the instructions are available by clicking through.

February Edith demonstrated different Thread Catchers and here are links to some of the patterns she showed us.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the Education Committee Chairs Edith Hubbard and Barbara Stewart

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