Guild Bees


Joining a Bee is a great way to meet new friends from the Guild, work on projects you are interested in while sharing ideas with those who have something in common with you.  You can work on your own projects or some or all in the Bee may decide to work on a group project.  It’s all up to you and your Bee!

The size of the Bee can encompass from 5 to possibly 20 members.  The number of members thus dictates the type of meeting place.  A Bee can meet in homes (rotating), or at convenient locations like quilt shops, libraries, coffee shops, churches, etc.

Over the years, PSQG has helped develop almost 40 bees covering a wide range of interests including applique, hand quilting, hand piecing, embroidery, long-arm, scrappy quilts, modern quilts, reproduction quilts, fabric dyeing, machine quilting, English paper piecing, Dear Jane, wool fabrics, knitting or just general or social groups.

Come see the Beekeeper during guild meetings.

Dawn Schultz



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