Quilt Care

Quilt Care


Quilts are not designed to be washed on a regular basis. If you need to wash a quilt, fill a washing machine with cool water. It is advisable to use a commercial size machine if one is available. Dissolve a teaspoon of Quilt Wash or other gentle detergent in the water as it fills the tub of the machine. Less detergent is better than more. Submerge the quilt in the water and let the machine go through the gentle cycle.


If you hang the quilt outside to dry, hang it over a clean sheet or lay it on the ground over a clean sheet. Avoid letting the quilt dry in the sun- it will sun fade. Toss the quilt in the dryer to remove the last of the dampness and “soften”. Do not dry clean.


If you have a loose thread, only pull it out if you see both ends. Otherwise thread it onto a needle and pull it back into the layers of the quilt.


Do not store the quilt in plastic. Quilts can be folded and stored in a pillowcase. The best method of storing quilts is to roll them rather than folding them which leaves creases. Many prefer to store quilts over the summer by putting them between the mattress and box springs.


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