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Welcome to PSQG! We value our new members and are anxious for you to feel at home. Sometimes we forget how it felt to be new to the Guild. Please ask questions when we get going too fast or forget to explain something. To help you learn our language and policies, here are some terms you might hear. If there are others, please bring them to the attention of the membership hostess (the person who sits by the door), and we will add them to this website for the benefit of new members! Want to become a new member? Here’s the  Membership form for 2017-18

Banquet – We have a banquet in May. The Activities chairperson is in charge of organizing the event which is usually held the evening of the 4th Monday. We have a speaker and a great meal at a local restaurant or country club. The meetings of the Evening and Daytime Chapters are combined into the Banquet in May.

Bee – A “bee” is a small group of quilters who meet regularly on whatever day they choose and with a Bee focus that they decide. The Guild Beekeeper is in charge of helping new members (and existing members too) join a bee. The Beekeeper will form new bees and fill any openings in existing bees to accommodate the needs of the new and existing members. The Beekeeper will announce new bees being formed at the Guild meetings.

Bylaws – A copy of the current Bylaws is available on our website under the Guild Information tab labeled Bylaws.

Chapter Meetings – In order to serve the scheduling needs of our members, we have an Evening Chapter (meets on the 4th Monday evening of the month at 7:00 pm) and a Daytime Chapter (meets on the Tuesday morning after the Monday night meeting at 9:30 am). Each chapter has its own set of officers appointed by the Vice President for the Chapter. The Executive Board oversees both chapters. The Board of Directors meets monthly (on the first Tuesday night of the month at 7:00 pm) to address the Guild’s administrative details. All of these meetings take place at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, St. Charles, IL unless an announcement is made about an alternate location. For example, the May banquet is held at a local restaurant or country club.

Children at Meetings – Children and young adults who have a serious interest in quilting are encouraged to attend the ice cream social in July.

Community Projects – One of the goals of PSQG is to provide quilts or sewn items as charitable donations for shelters and hospitals. It is hoped that each member will make a significant contribution every year. At every Guild meeting, the Service Project Chairperson hosts a table where you can pick-up supplies to make the quilts and other items, and drop-off completed items. Listen at the Guild meetings and check the newsletter for details to how you can participate. We also participate in “Quilts Of Valor” and “Home of the Brave”, making quilts for our soldiers and their families. These are nationally recognized programs. You can find out more about these programs at the Guild meetings or by visiting their websites.

Credit Cards – The Guild does not accept credit cards for any payments including membership, activities and workshops. Occasionally we have a guest speaker who will accept a credit card for payment for supplies that she offers, but this payment is done directly with the speaker, not through the Guild.

December Meeting – There is NO December meeting or newsletter.

Education Table – There is an educational display and/or demonstration at every chapter meeting, describing a new or interesting aspect of quilting. The Education Chairperson is responsible for this display and/or demonstration.

Executive Board – This is the governing body of the Guild. See Chapter Meetings for a little more information and see the diagram of our structure under the “Executive Board” page on this website.

Guest Fees – We charge $10.00 for guests to attend a meeting. If the guest decides to become a member during that meeting, the $10.00 will be credited toward her membership dues.

Guest Speakers – When we host a guest speaker at a Guild meeting, usually the speaker will have books, fabric, notions, etc. representing their quilting specialty for sale at the meetings. A table will be set-up for the display and sales of these items. Checks and cash are typically accepted.

Library – The Library is “open” at every Guild meeting. The librarians display all the books and videos owned by the Guild, and are ready to help you check-out the materials. The loan period is one month, or until the next Guild meeting at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Books and videos may also be renewed.

Lunch Bunch – Often the Daytime Chapter organizes a lunch outing after the Tuesday meeting. Details will be given at the meetings and everyone is welcome to come to lunch!

Name Badge – We encourage you to wear a name badge at the meetings so everyone can get to know you. You can order a permanent PSQG name badge at the Membership table at the Guild meetings. There is also a pattern for a quilted name tag. 

July–   Last year and again this year we will be having an ice cream social in July and presenting Quilts of Valor. 

Quilt Show “Prairie Treasures” – This biennial quilt show is our main fund-raiser for the Guild. It is a very large undertaking and requires the hearty involvement of the entire Guild. As a member, you are asked to work a 3-hour shift, but it is hoped that you will choose to take on a more active role. It is a great way to meet Guild members! See the “Quilt Show Info for Guild Members” page on this website to learn more.

Raffles – Sometimes we hold raffles at our Guild meetings as a fun event to raise money. Our “UFO” raffles have been opportunities for one member’s UFO to be raffled off to other members who would like to have that UFO for their own.

Show and Tell – Members are encouraged to bring projects to show everyone during our meeting. We all love seeing “1st projects” as well as “show quality” projects!! Don’t be shy! Bring your quilts or wearable quilted gear for us to see, but please limit your show and tell to 3 items that are finished.

UFOs– This is what quilters affectionately call their “UnFinished Objects”. These are projects that are not yet completed, and may have been in that state for years!

Workshops – Frequently our speakers will offer workshops in addition to their lectures. Members may register to take these workshops before the workshop date. Information is always available at Guild meetings, on this website, and in the newsletter. Payment is due at the time of your registration. See the “Programs” section of this website for more information on registration policies and procedures. These workshops are also open to non-Guild members, so be sure to register early for any workshop you wish to attend.

Our Membership comes from far and wide! Here’s a map showing all the cities where we have members. Wherever you’re from, welcome!

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